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C/MRI stands for "Computer/Model Railroad Interface".  Developed by Dr. Bruce Chubb, the C/MRI system allows you to interface your railroad with your computer.  To visit Bruce's website click on

AES Enterprises offers assembled C/MRI boards.  All orders are custom built and tested by AES Enterprises. 

AES Enterprises includes a one year warranty against manufacturing defects on parts and labor.


Assembled Boards

Assembled boards are shipped tested and ready to use on your railroad.




Assembled DCCOD

Occupancy Detector for DCC

A DCCOD detects the presence of a locomotive or rolling stock in a block. 

One DCCOD is needed for each block.



Assembled ODMB

DCCOD Detector Motherboard

Up to 12 DCCOD's can be placed on this motherboard.  The ODMB cuts down on the wiring requirements and also enables the DCCOD detectors to be distributed around the railroad.



Assembled ODMB4+2

DCCOD Detector Motherboard

This card provides four detector slots with one set of power screw terminals and two more sets of power terminals with one slot each.



Assembled SMINI

The Super Mini-node card combines the features of the SUSIC with 48 output and 24 input I/O lines.

The SMINI is available in the following configurations.

  • ​SMINI Node with Current Sinking and RS485

  • SMINI Node with Current Sinking and RS232

  • SMINI Node with Current Sourcing and RS485

  • SMINI Node with Current Sourcing and RS232



Assembled SUSIC

The Controller Card for an IOMBX Motherboard, it communicates with the Input and Output cards.

The SUSIC is available in the following configurations.

  • SUSIC with RS485

  • SUSIC with RS232



Assembled DIN32

Used with the SUSIC card listed above.  This card reads input signals from various components on the railroad (toggle switches, DCCOD's).



Assembled DOUT32

Used with the SUSIC card listed above.  This card sends output signals to various components on the railroad (signals, LED's, turnouts).

The DOUT32 is available in the following configurations.

  • Current Sinking

  • Current Sourcing



Assembled IOMBX

The Motherboard is used with SUSIC, DIN32 and DOUT32 cards.  The IOMBX requires one SUSIC and the remaining 14 slots hold DIN and DOUT cards.



Assembled RS232 to RS485 Conversion Card

Converts the RS232 from your computer to RS485.



Assembled SMC12

Switch Machine Control Card

This card lets you use a single output line to control a stall motor type switch machine.  Up to 12 stall motor switch machines can be controlled with this card.



Assembled Test Card

The TEST32 Card plugs directly onto the DOUT32 or SMINI to all 32 output lines.  Two-lead bi-color LEDs are used so the same card can test both current sinking and current sourcing outputs.



Assembled WRAP32

32 Pin wraparound test cable.



Assembled RSSD Card

Remote Searchlight Driver Card



Connectors & Pins for 72 I/O Lines



Connectors & Pins for 32 I/O Lines



Unassembled adapter boards and headers to retrofit the new sound module onto an existing PGCC-E circuit board.



Programmed and modified sound module for PGCC

BELL1 Sample
00:00 / 00:10
00:00 / 00:10
BELL2 Sample
00:00 / 00:10
BELL3 Sample
00:00 / 00:10

The sound module contains software that allows the user to upload custom bell sounds if desired, or you can send us your mp3 or wav sound file and we will do minor editing to put it on the sound module for you.

Installation of only the sound module on the PGCC card.




Card Repair (Per Hour)

$25.00 + parts and shipping

Shipping charges will apply. 

The purchaser is responsible for any taxes for their taxing jurisdiction, which will be calculated at the time of order.

I am not responsible for Customs Duty.

All orders are in U.S. currency as PayPal, prepaid check or money order.  Prices subject to change without notice. 

Some items may take 6-8 weeks for delivery.

Contact Us

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Call us at 260-244-3057

About Us

AES Enterprises is located in Northeastern Indiana. 

I am currently a Locomotive Engineer for a Class 1 Railroad.  I am also designing and building a large Norfolk and Western layout using the C/MRI system.

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